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KRISTIDENT safety face shield
is an ultralight (16 g), reusable, highly transparent face shield that provides full face protection (eyes, nose, mouth) for healthcare workers and a barrier from accidental splash of liquids and mechanical particels generated during dental procedures

KRISTIDENT safety eye shield is an extremely lightweight (10 g), reusable eye shield that provides added protection of eyes and partially face from direct/side spatter and hazardous particles.

KRISTIDENT protective eye shield allows great visibility with no distortion. Suitable for patients.
Can be worn comfortably with a surgical mask.

KRISTIDENT protective shields are made of environmentally friendly scratch-resistant plastic and provide clear visibility. 

KRISTIDENT face shield features:

  • Frame color:
    - white
    - black
    - blue
    - light green
    - pink
    - yellow

  • Super light (16 g), scratch-resistant
  • Snug fit, elegant design
  • Easy system to attach shields
  • Adjustable height and angle
  • Provide full facial protection


  • «Classic» - 1 frame + 5 face shields

  • «Classic special» - 2 clipper + 5 face shields
  • «Premium» - 1 frame + 5 face shields + eye shields
  • Transportation box: 10 packs
  • Box size: 37 х 24 х 19 cm
  • Instructions for use and cleaning: details

Refill kits:
- 5 spare face shields  
 5 spare eye shields  


Certificate of registration № FSR 2011/12873 issued by the Health Ministry of Russia 30.12.2011.

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