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KRISTIDENT paper-polyethylene aprons for patients in rolls
disposable, waterproof, with high absorptive capacity.
Protect patients' clothing from contamination during dental treatment and related procedures, and are also widely used in cosmetology when performing cosmetic procedures.
Basically, these aprons consist of a layer of embossed 100% cellulose base paper (25 g/m2) of an intense color + one layer of thin and strong polyethylene.
KRISTIDENT aprons have long and handy ties, they can be torn off from the roll along the punching line easily and provide an excellent barrier against moisture. The aprons neckline and size provide ultimate protection for the patients' breast, shoulders, and neck area.
This is a high quality production, manufactured using modern imported equipment.


  • Type: double-layered
  • Material: a layer of 100% cellulose base paper (25 g/m2) and one film layer.
  • Aprons sizes:
    - 61 х 53 cm - 80 pcs/roll
    - 81 х 53 cm - 60 pcs/roll

Stylish colors fitting the interior of any dental office.

Intense colors:
- blue            item number (61cm./81cm.): 201130 / 201135
green         item number (61cm./81cm.): 201127 / 201132
- lemon         item number (61cm./81cm.): 201128 / 201133
- vinous       item number (61cm./81cm.): 201126 / 201131
- orange     item number (61cm./81cm.): 201129 / 201134
- black        item number (61cm./81cm.): 201136 / 201138

Shipping box: 6 rolls.

VAT: 10%.

Certificate of registration No. FSR 2011/12873 of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of Russia dated 30.12.2011

Exemption letter with an attachmentNo. 101-КС/214 dated 01.03.13 from VNIIS LLC

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